How To Add Contact Form (Contact Us Page) in Blogg

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Creating Contact page is very important in one website so that visitors can contact you and share their queries, this will also help your blog to reach more visitors.In my website I have created very simple contact us page, I just shared my mail id.Click the link to go to my contact page.

You can also do a simple contact page. Here below I have shown how to create a Contact form in step by step process.

STEP 1: Go to Google and Go to Drive

STEP 2: Click NEW

STEP 3: Click More and then click Google Forms

  • Here in the Untitled name change as CONTACT FORM
  • In the Question box,Type as Name,if you want to make this option as compulsory,Enable REQUIRED option.
  • To add another question,click plus symbol on the right side
  • In the second question box,Type as Name if you want to make this option as compulsory,Enable REQUIRED option.
  • Again click plus symbol to add another question box
  • In the third question box,Type as Message.
  • You can also click on the preview option to see your form 
  • This is the form we created.
  • After completed creating form,click SEND option
  • This page appears,here click on embedded HTML
  • Here you can also change the Height and Width of your form
  • Copy the code
  • Go to your Blog
  • Create New Page
  • Go to HTML View,Paste the code and publish
  • Here is the final view.
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