How to download and install free blogger Template? In Just 2 steps

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  • Choosing a Template is one of the important thing in Blogging. Template should attract viewers when they visit your site.
  • In Blogger, there are free templates to use,

Go to Theme –> Choose Template you liked

  • But it has limited number of Templates
  • There are many websites providing free and paid Templates. You can pay and buy templates.If you are a beginner use free templates.

Read below to know how to download and install free blogger template

Here are some popular websites which provides free templates.

  • Now I’am using gooyaabi templates to show how to download and install templates
free blogger Template

This is the Home Page. You can see, there are so many options available. You can choose whatever style you want.

RESPONSIVE TEMPLATES:  means , it display your site according to user’s device and screen size.

SEO READY TEMPLATES: It brings more traffic to your site.

Now, select the Template, you can also see live preview of the template, it shows live demo of the template.

  • This is live demo of templates.
  • Click Download.
  • Template downloads in ZIP folder.
  • Extract and save it in any folder.
  • Now, go to Blogger
  • Select Theme
  • If you  are using New Blogger version ,after selecting theme, click on the colon dot
  • Click Restore
  • Click Upload
  • Go to the folder where you have the downloaded template.
  • Double click on XML document.
  • Now, template is uploaded on your blog
  • Click on View Blog and see the changes.
  • Now,you can customize your blog

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