How to start a BLOG and make money online

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What is Blogging?|| How to start a blog and earn?

  • How to start a Blog? Read below for detail
  • Blog is a free platform provided by Google where you can create your own content and earn money
  • For blogging, you need laptop or mobile phone, internet connection and your content.You can easily work from home and earn money.


  • There are millions of blogs in Internet. You should have some unique content. So that, many people visits your blog and your blog place in high ranks.
  • First choose your content on what basis, you are going to start a blog.
  • FOR EXAMPLE: Cooking blogs, Gaming blogs, Movie reviews, Cinema news, Product Reviews, Beauty Blogs…etc
  • There are lot of stuff, choose the one which you have more interest and which is your passion.


  • Give unique name to your blog.
  • Before that, in future, you have to purchase domain name for your blog

What is domain?

  1. Domain is an identification and it is the address of your website.Purchasing domain is one of the important thing.
  2. Beginners  use free Blog and learn everything, before buying Domain name.
  3. .com, .in, .net, .edu, .info ,these are some domains
  4. Imagine, you are naming your blog as example. For that you have to purchase domain as or any other domain whatever suits your blog.So, before naming your blog check whether that name is available or not.
  5. There are many websites to purchase domain
  6. is one of the famous website to buy domain name. You can check here freely, whether your blog name is available or not


Blog comes with many free templates.There are many paid templates also available.If you are a beginner try free templates. You can also customize these templates


  • Google provides Ads to your site.
  • So, when people visits your site,on the basis of number of views, you can earn money.

So, Today, Start Blogging and Earn Money easily.

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2 thoughts on “How to start a BLOG and make money online”

  1. Hey, loving your content. I have a serious doubt – once you build a website, you said within 3 months you got an approval for ADSENSE by google. And also, I read on one of your blog that, once your website is copyright free, 6 – 7 blog posts (min) , a domain – is that all you need to put your website for adsense approval ? Kindly guide.

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