Stardew Valley Sprinkler | Easy 22 Tips and Tricks

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In this article I am going to give you top tips for starting a new game in the in the 1.4 update Stardew Valley sprinkler.

Continue Reading for 22 tips and tricks for Stardew Valley Sprinkler.

1. Save your Trees for Seeds.

Stardew Valley Sprinkler

On your first day on stardew valley sprinkler cut more trees because trees sometimes drop seeds, and you can also level up easily.

You will get new more crafts. it may be tempting to chop down every single tree you see in first few days of spring because Gavin wood is very important but it’s important to not get too ahead of yourself on the first day just get enough to make it Chester too.

Leave the rest be you only need 100 experience points to get your first forging level up which is roughly nine trees unless if you’ve been foraging around the map which I recommend doing on the first day why well once you reach level 114 the trees chopped down can drop seeds they won’t before that though and these seeds can be crafted into field snacks to get more energy to chop down more trees so get that level up before you get all lumberjack crazy.

2. Leave the stumps alone.

Do you want even more first off they give you less blip or energy compared to trees and second face bumps spread seeds out it’s a great way to get more seeds for cracking field snacks or trees to grow without you having to plant them yourselves and don’t forget to shake those full-grown trees as you walk by too.

3. Don’t overlook Mixed Seeds.

When you are clearing your farm mines and all around you’ll frequently find mixed seeds planting and tending these seeds can be a huge help as some of the seeds can be worth up to a hundred and fifty gold these seeds give 100 percent profit as they are free and only take your time and energy if you’re planting them in the spring be sure not to plant them past the 15th because one of the crops is a cauliflower.

It would just be wasted my favorite thing about mix seeds is saving them for the full time it is possible to throw the artichokes from these seeds in year one when otherwise you’d have to be lucky at the traveling merchant or wait until fall year two to have access to these seeds definitely worth planting.

4. Forgettable Build up.

Most people know that during spring you should be checking for spring onions any day that you can it’s a great source of free energy but another place you should be checking semi-regularly is the beach specifically on Saturday all week long for jables have been popping up all over the map and they will stay until you pick them up or the weekly reset which is Sunday morning.

I like to go each coming and foraging on Saturdays it saves you from having to check every day of the ocean around the other areas of the map to pick them up as you go because there’s a limit of six Horrible’s in each area but the beach is just a little different especially having the tiny holes unlocked.

5. Double Salmonberry Harvest.

When foraging in early spring it might be a good idea to get your forging skill up to level four before the 15th of spring why well that’s when salmon berry season starts with level four or foraging you get two berries per berry bush which can be immensely helpful for energy for exploring the mines and for watering your crops I can sometimes still have salmon berries left over in the first weeks of fall by making sure to get this level up and collect those berries.

6. Seasonal Seeds helps you to earn more.

While you may be tempted to sell your golden star horse radishes and daffodils in springtime is definitely worth it to hold onto them for making spring seeds unless you have the botanist profession at level 10 foraging it is always more profitable to mush your seasonal forage bowls together

And craft the seed packets to sell then selling the items individually the exception to this are the winter C’s which are worth more selling individually you do get 30 seasonal Suites per season all foraging bundle done I personally like to plant these 30 each season and use the yield to craft seed packets to sell it’s like printing my own money.

7. No Scarecrow required.

If you aren’t planting season with seeds the crops they grow are for jables so with that said you don’t have to worry about having a helpful scarecrow. Guardian keeping the crows away because the crows won’t even attack them.

8. Use Multi-Harvest Crops to your Advantage.

In Stardew Valley sprinklers, one of the things that I love about crops with multiple harvests is that it saves me so much time for the next season when the plant dies out at the start of a new season the ground will still be tilled saving a lot of precious time and energy or you could just plant a chief crops such as leap from the ground.

9. Waterless Crops

In the Stardew Valley Sprinkler update we have been introduced to a couple of new waterless crops in the springtime especially this can be a huge help you’ll find rice shoots from big spots treasure chests and from bugs down in the mines once you plant these near a water source within three tiles you don’t need to water them at all.

Just watch them girl and harvest them when you’re ready such an energy the next crop is the tea sapling not only are these super cheap to make once it’s planted you don’t have to water it at all tea does take 20 days to grow but it can be harvested every day of the last week of the season even winter if it’s indoors.

10. Extra Strawberries.

In Stardew Valley sprinkler, strawberries can be one of the most profitable crops in the spring season especially if you can plant them at the beginning of the season unfortunately in the first year you can’t get seeds for these until the egg festival on the 13th and they are pricey but when you plant the strawberries on the festival night you can get two harvests before spring is over.

But what not everyone knows is that you can get a third harvest from 20 of these by using the gifts given to you from the spring crops bundle if plant Bonita props for this bundle on the first day of spring you’ll have everything you need to finish the bundle the night of the festival and grab your 20 speed rose put those on 20 of your newly planted strawberry seeds and you’ll be able to get one extra harvest from these on the last day of spring.

11. Training Rod for Easy Levelling.

In Stardew Valley sprinkler, Fishing can be a little tricky especially at low levels and with a hammy downrod wait the 1.4 update there is a new rod introduced the training rod and it is definitely not to be overlooked this rod will only catch low-level fish anything that’s worth less than 50 gold and the quality of the fish caught doesn’t change at all but you can use this rod early on to build up your fishing experience.

And fast one common method use is to not bother with a far cast just cast close to you for time efficiency sake and try to get as close to perfect catches as you can this is so much easier to do with this rod and the experience gain is the same as any other rod very helpful for getting your skill up higher to buy a better rod if you find it difficult to fish early on with a bamboo pole.

12. Use Level Ups to your Advantage.

In the early game of Stardew Valley sprinkler. I suggest that you pay attention to where your skills are at in the morning and then throughout the day as you’re working on any specific skill you’ll see me often staying out late past my bedtime and sometimes even overexerted this is because I know that if I leveled up at least one skill during the day even if I pass out I will not have to pay an energy penalty in the morning.

Your energy will be completely full and to top that pass if you don’t keep any money on hand or much money at all you won’t have to pay a fine or pay just a very small fine to the wandering judge.

13. Don’t forgot the travelling Cart.

If you are working on a completions firm or trying to get the community center finished as soon as possible don’t forget the traveling merchant she has had some wares that have been a real game-changer for me including the red cabbage which is the normal holder for people trying to get the community center done in year.

One I have been able to complete bundles without spending extra money planting trees or having to go to the desert sometimes forgotten by me but pay attention to when she’s around and keep your pocket money on you too they are all often very overpriced you can find her in cinder snap forest on Fridays and Sundays and you can even find her in the night market during the winter time so don’t forget it.

14. Drop a Chest Everywhere.

If you know you’re planning on fishing all day at one specific spot or are planning on spending a lot of time in one area working on stuff put a chest down it has been so helpful to me especially when you don’t have the funds to get the biggest backpack of Korea I like to use it to hold on to things and collecting like green algae and seaweed so I can stock up to make the fish bones and remember not to eat them.

15. Multi-task to save time.

If you’re planning on spending a lot of time fishing or even might mean why not make the most of your time and get some multitasking done this is done by so many Minwax players but even I as a casual have found it extremely useful put your furnaces recycling machines whatever down by where you are spending your time.

You can smelt some bars while you’re fishing trash you find and then keep the extras in that box you place down when your backpack is full I love using it at the mines every five levels once I get an elevator I hop up to the entrance and get the next round of Bart’s going such a time-saver and a game-changer.

16. Silo Strategy, Stock up with only 1.

Most layers in Stardew Valley sprinkler, the coop is the first farm building purchased from robben as it is part of a quest but before you build a cooper barn consider building a silo first not only is it low cost and resources once you have the silo you can harvest hay from Brest with your scythe and start stocking up to feed your animals it’s safe seed the money of having to buy hay from Marni when she’s actually open and you won’t have to worry about your animals being hungry

I suggest putting a chest inside or near with a Cooper burn because you can pull hay out of the hopper to empty the silo and place it in the chest that way you can stop the silo up again without having to make another one when you have more mouths to feed.

17. Making friends with Benefits.

Making the right friends in Stardew Valley sprinkler is very important and has its benefits and I’m not talking about with the marriage’ balloons the way to unlock a lot of recipes is through friendship with the villagers and when you’re working on becoming friends, you’ll get nice little gifts. My Favourite villager to build friendship with is Emily as she can gift you a couple of things needed for bundles and gusts and some great food items you too they start giving you things at any level greater than zero but the likelihood is more the friendlier they are with you so keep an eye on that mailbox.

18. Easier Crab pot Bundle.

Crabpot bundle in the community center of Stardew Valley sprinkler can actually be completed without having a crap pot at all four out of five of these to be forged at the beach and the last one you can get without a crap pot as well a crab you’ll want to take down any rock crab in the mind-sight you find as they have a 15 percent chance of dropping a crab.

19. Early Game Ancient Seeds.

Ancient fruit can be one of the most profitable ants you can grow in some new Valley it’s rare to find the artifacts and make into seeds but one of my favourite ways to find one is by taking out the bugs and grubs and find in the mines in the first 30 levels there is a point five percent chance to find one but these levels are crawling with bugs so don’t pass them up and if you can don’t run away from the bugs worms because this can be a game-changer especially if you find it in your first spring.

20. Don’t Overlook crates.

When you’re in the mines of Stardew Valley sprinkler, you’ll often see crates and barrels be sure not to pass by these in the early game often they hold very helpful items like gems hardwood and even better weapons and gear to help you survive it doesn’t take any extra energy that can be very rewarding levels.

21. Break those Giant Crystals.

When you hit the frozen levels in the mines of Stardew Valley sprinkler, another thing to break with your sword are these crystals not many people know this but there is actually a small chance that you can find a refined quartz far from breaking these large crystals.

22. Follow Mine Tracks.

Some random levels in the mines will have minecart tracks running through them it’s one of the good idea in Stardew Valley sprinkler to head to the end of the tracks because these levels hold mine carts filled with coal and often a ladder is at the end of the track as well.

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